Dennis W. Testimonial

January 31, 2011

Dear Mr. Lowe,

I wanted to take the time to personally write you a letter to let you know how much I appreciate all of the work that Chris Vaught and Theresa Craft put in on my case. Mr. Vaught and Ms. Craft worked tirelessly on this case, which turned into a bigger job than any of us originally thought. Even though the case began to get larger and head toward trial, Mr. Vaught never once stopped working on the case. I know that he put in many 16 hour (and longer) days at his office, working, studying, reading, and pouring through the thousands of documents that we were given. Never once did he stop or worry that he might be overwhelmed – instead, he simply trucked on, learning everything he possibly could about my case, the USERRA laws that governed it, as well as other laws, cases, and any thing else that pertained to the case. It never failed to amaze me at his drive to learn the truth, learn all he could, and ensure that he always had the right answer for me, the court, and anyone else that needed one.

When my case went to court, Mr. Vaught was extremely professional, never giving in to the pressure that the other side put on us. During the trial, myself, my wife, and other family members watched as the other side coached witnesses on the stand, tried to hide evidence by only partially showing it, and tried to undo everything Mr. Vaught had been working toward. Not one time did Mr. Vaught ever sink to their level, and all of those long hours of work and study showed in a tremendous manner in the courtroom as he was able to point out statutes, case laws, USERRA, and much more that the other side did not know and usually things that the judge himself was unfamiliar with. Every time that Mr. Vaught had to give an answer, make a point, or prove a point wrong, he did so with a very professional, very straightforward manner that turned the whole trial around as well as the case.

The way that he presented himself, my case, and your law firm was enough to garner respect from everyone in the courtroom – from the judge to the jury, the people watching the trial and even the attorneys from the other side. I noticed a major shift during the trial with the judge, not so much due to the case itself or the laws that were broken, but due to the way that Mr. Vaught presented himself and the facts of the case with a clarity and understanding that only came due to the long hours that he had spent studying and preparing for the case and trial.

I strongly believe that without Mr. Vaught representing me, the case could not have gone as well as it did. The other side simply had a lot more resources than I did, and chose a tactic of smoke and mirrors that was created to confuse everyone. They put a lot of effort into overwhelming us with paperwork that would have frustrated most people to settle just to get it over with. Mr. Vaught took it in stride and kept pushing forward. He made up for the fact that they had more more people and resources by doing much more work than anybody would ever expect. Even though their legal staff was much larger, I believe that between Mr. Vaught and Ms. Craft, many more hours were put into the case from our side than theirs, even including CCA’s corporate counsel. I believe this is why we got the result that we did. He is truly a shining example of what an attorney should be and is an excellent addition to your firm that should not go unnoticed for his dedication to his work, his clients, and upholding the most professional and courteous side of his work.
Thank you,

Dennis W.

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