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Have you been denied Social Security Disability for any reason?

There are numerous Social Security benefit programs available. The two most common Social Security benefit programs are Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) and Supplemental Security Income Benefits (SSI). Eligibility depends on many factors, including but not limited to an individual’s physical and/or mental status, ability to perform any work, and whether one has worked long enough to earn sufficient work credits.

Speaking with a Social Security Attorney will help you determine which program or programs you may qualify for. Disability Income Benefits and/or Supplemental Security Income Benefits (SSI) may be available to you if, because of some medical disability, you are not capable of sustaining gainful employment, and if the disabling condition is likely to last beyond one year or result in death. Individuals who do not qualify for Disability Income Benefits because they either have no work credits because they did not work or did not work long enough to earn sufficient Work Credits may be eligible to file for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). In certain circumstances individuals that qualify for Disability Insurance Benefits, may also be eligible to receive Supplemental Security Benefits.

If you have applied for Social Security Disability and received a denial it is extremely important to speak to a knowledgeable Social Security Disability Lawyer. You have only a certain time period after receiving a denial, usually 60 days, to appeal the decision. Having a knowledgeable Social Security attorney handle your Social Security Appeal will ensure you do not lose your eligibility for certain Social Security Disability Benefits. Re-applying after receiving a denial of Social Security Benefits is not the same as appealing a denial.

A re-application is considered in most situations a new claim, and in doing so you may lose eligibility to certain benefits that are time sensitive. If your insured status has expired at the time of a reapplication you could loose eligibility for Disability Insurance Benefits and potentially qualify for only Supplemental Security Income Benefits or even be denied benefits.

The Onset date of your disabling condition is very critical in determining what type of Social Security Disability benefit or benefits you qualify to file for. A delay in filing for Social Security could limit the amount of your eligibility to receive retroactive Social Security benefits. Additionally, you could be denied Social Security Disability if your insured status has expired or you have other resources that would exclude you from receiving Supplemental Security Income Benefits.

The current economic times has created an increased volume in Social Security claim filing. With the increased filing of claims, the time period it now takes to process a Social Security claim from initial filing to having an Social Security Hearing in front of a Social Security judge has dramatically increased. During this mandatory waiting period it is critical that a knowledgeable Social Security Lawyer be on your side, managing your claim and being there representing you on that very important day when you have your opportunity to tell the Judge why you can not work. It is extremely important to be prepared when you appear in front of a Social Security Judge. This appearance, or Social Security hearing, in front of the Judge is in many situations your one and only opportunity to tell your story to the individual that decides your Social Security Claim why you can’t work.

There are no filing fees to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits. You also have a right to be represented by a knowledgeable Social Security Attorney. An attorney gets paid only if you win and receive retroactive Social Security Benefits. There is no out of pocket costs or legal fees to you if you are not awarded Social Security Benefits.

It is certainly worth an individual’s time to visit with a knowledgeable Tulsa Social Security Disability attorney to discuss which Social Security Benefit program or programs one may be eligible to receive due to a severe medical condition that prevents sustained gainful employment. Please feel free to call this firm for a no cost consultation with an attorney to discuss what Social Security Benefits you may qualify for.

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