Premises Liability

Injured in a slip-and-fall? Bitten by a dog?

If you are injured on private or public property due to the negligence or intentional acts of another person, the property owner and other parties may be liable for your injuries.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma premises liability lawyers of Armstrong & Vaught, P.L.C. have secured many substantial insurance settlements and jury awards for victims of these personal injury accidents. Our personal injury attorneys represent clients in northeast Oklahoma, including Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Bartlesville, Tahlequah, Muskogee, Okmulgee, and throughout Northeast Oklahoma.


Stores and properties open to the public are responsible to maintain their property. You may have a slip-and-fall or premises liability claim if you are injured in a fall due to slippery floors, bad lighting or other unsafe conditions. Injuries caused by a construction defect (sharp protrusion, uneven walkway, lack of railing, etc.) also apply.

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Owners of dogs and pets are responsible for any damage inflicted by the animal, even if the dog has no history of violence. The owner is liable if the bite or attack occurred off the owners property or if the victim had a legitimate reason to be on the property. Dog bites often involve severe injuries: scarring and disfigurement, nerve damage, even permanent disability. In cases where the dog mauling was especially vicious or life-threatening, the owner may be liable for emotional damages as well.

Inadequate Security or Supervision

Victims of rape or assault may have a premises liability if the property owner failed to provide basic security or if the security was inadequate to prevent the injury.

Likewise, swimming pools, construction sites and other dangerous premises may be liable for injury or death if there was negligent supervision or inadequate safety measures in place.

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