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If your employer is defrauding the government, you can help stop the illegal activity AND receive a portion of the recovery. At the law firm of Armstrong & Vaught, P.L.C., our Tulsa qui tam lawyers represent clients who are helping to prosecute their employers for defrauding the government. We represent clients throughout Northeast Oklahoma, and can help you with any qui tam case. Contact an experienced qui tam attorney today to set up an appointment.

Qui tam is a word that is derived from the English court system. Qui tam is Latin for “he who sues on behalf of the king as well as for himself.” A qui tam action arises when an employee alerts the federal government of fraud or other illegal activities by a business or individual who is receiving or using government funds. The use of government funds can include many things, such as Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, or any other governmental benefits.

If a business that receives any of these benefits is defrauding the government, an employee can inform the government of that fraud and receive a portion of whatever the government recovers. For example, if a business was keeping one million dollars worth of Medicare benefits, an employee who reported this activity could receive up to 30% of the amount recovered on behalf of the Government.

At the law firm of Armstrong & Vaught, P.L.C., our Tulsa qui tam lawyers represent clients who have reported fraud against the federal government. Our attorneys work with the United States Department of Justice to help prosecute the offending company and recover the maximum amount of compensation.

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Qui tam lawsuits help stop fraud against the United States and allows the person reporting the fraud to receive compensation. To learn more about how our Tulsa qui tam lawyers can help you, please contact the law firm of Armstrong & Vaught, P.L.C. at (918) 582-2500 or toll free at (800) 722-8880.

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