How Many Social Security Credits Do I Need For Disability Benefits?

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You may be asking yourself, “What are Social Security disability credits?” These credits are one of the areas that Social Security goes by to determine eligibility for Social Security Disability. If you are not familiar with what these credits are, make sure that you read through our article titled: “How Can I Find Out If I Qualify For Social Security Benefits?” So how can you calculate your credits to see if you are eligible for Social Security disability? Here are the rules that Social Security goes by to determine your available credits:

If you are under age 24:

You may qualify for Social Security disability benefits if you have at least 6 credits earned during the three (3) year period that ends when your disability started.

If you are between ages 24-31:

You may qualify for Social Security disability benefits if you have credits earned for working during half of the time between when you turned 21 and the time that your disability started. For example, if your disability started when you turned 27, you would need 12 credits, (at least 3 years of work), during the six (6) years between your 21st and 27th birthdays.

If you are over age 31:

If you are over 31 years of age, Social Security states that you have to have worked and earned at least twenty (20) credits in the ten (10) years immediately before your disability started. Social Security uses the following chart to determine the number of credits you need to be eligible for Social Security disability:

Age You Became Disabled(If Born After 1929) Number Of Social Security Credits You Need To Be Eligible For Disability
Age 31 through 42 20 credits
44 22 credits
46 24 credits
48 26 credits
50 28 credits
52 30 credits
54 32 credits
56 34 credits
58 36 credits
60 38 credits
62 or over 40 credits

You can find more information on the Social Security Disability web site about different requirements for Social Security disability and more.

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