EEOC Files A Series of Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

Posted by: Chris

Sexual harassment has been making headlines due to the #MeToo movement, which launched over a year ago. The movement encouraged sexual harassment victims to share their stories and report their harassers. Based on the number of sexual harassment lawsuits recently filed by the EEOC, it seems as though many victims are taking this advice.

What the EEOC Sexual Harassment Data Reveals

Several weeks ago, the EEOC reported that there was a 50% increase in the number of sexual harassment lawsuits filed by the agency compared to last year. The EEOC received more claims alleging sexual harassment as well—the agency reported that there was a 12% increase in these claims compared to last year. Although the EEOC did not pursue each of these claims, they did report that they found reasonable cause to believe the claimants in more claims this year than they did last year.

A Look At the EEOC’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

The sexual harassment lawsuits recently filed by the EEOC show that the agency is willing to go after companies of all sizes and in all industries. One lawsuit filed against United Airlines alleges that a captain employed with the company created a hostile work environment by repeatedly harassing a flight attendant. Another lawsuit filed against Fairbanks Ranch Country Club alleges that a manager harassed a group of female employees and abused his position of power by demanding sexual favors from his subordinates. When they refused, the manager threatened to fire the female employees. He also retaliated against them by reducing their hours and making their working conditions unbearable in an effort to get them to resign.

The EEOC has also reached settlements in a number of sexual harassment lawsuits over the last several months. In August, the EEOC settled a lawsuit with Alorica, Inc. for over $3.5 million. In addition to paying this settlement, the company agreed to implement sexual harassment training programs for employees and update their internal sexual harassment policies. This settlement shows that the EEOC is not only interested in seeking compensation for victims, but also committed to preventing sexual harassment in the future.

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