What Medical Records to Submit When Applying For Disability Benefits

Posted by: Chris

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will not approve your application for disability benefits without seeing proof of your disabling condition. Providing copies of your medical records is the best way to show the SSA that you are suffering from a disabling mental or physical condition. But, which records should you provide?  

Diagnosis of Condition

It’s important to submit the records that show your official diagnosis along with the date you were diagnosed. The SSA needs to see that a professional healthcare provider made the diagnosis after performing the appropriate tests and completing an examination. For this reason, the records should contain the results of lab work, scans, X-rays, and other diagnostic tests.

Treatment History

You will also need to submit records that outline how your condition was treated after the initial diagnosis. This can include various forms of treatment such as prescription medications, surgeries, therapy, and rehabilitation. The records should include your doctor’s notes that describe how you are responding to treatment as well. These notes will show the SSA that the treatment has not been effective enough to prevent your disability from affecting your ability to work.


If you have suffered from complications as a result of your disabling condition, you will need to submit medical records related to these complications as well. These records will make it easier for the SSA to understand how your condition has affected your overall health and wellbeing.

Hospital Visits

Sometimes, people with disabilities make multiple trips to the emergency room in-between regular doctor visits. If you’ve been to the ER because of your disability, you will need to obtain a copy of these records and submit them to the SSA. These records show the SSA that your condition is so severe that it has required emergency medical treatment in the past.

Timeframe of Medical Records

It’s recommended that you check the dates on your records as you start gathering documents to submit to the SSA. The SSA representative who examines your application will need to see your most recent medical records--preferably those made within the last 90 days. If recent records are not submitted, the SSA will most likely reject your application since they have no way of knowing whether or not you are still suffering from a disabling condition.

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