What Jobs Have the Highest Fatal and Non-Fatal Injury Rates?

Posted by: Chris

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), over 5,000 people were killed in work-related accidents in 2016 and nearly 3 million others suffered non-fatal injuries in the workplace. Injuries and fatalities can occur in nearly every line of work, however there are some jobs that are far more dangerous than others. Here’s a look at the jobs with the highest fatal and non-fatal injury rates: 


Loggers, who are informally known as lumberjacks, are responsible for using heavy machinery and power tools to cut down and transport trees. This job is one of the most dangerous in the country, mainly due to the risks involved with falling trees and using cutting tools. Recently, it was estimated that there are approximately 136 on-the-job deaths per 100,000 workers in the logging industry every year.


The roofing industry is also known for its high rate of fatal and non-fatal injuries. It’s not hard to see why roofing is known as a dangerous profession--after all, it involves using power tools on uneven surfaces that just so happen to be high above the ground. Falls account for many of the accidents in this industry, but injuries caused by power tools or heavy machinery are also common.

Truck Drivers

Driving a commercial truck may seem like a simple job, but it’s surprisingly dangerous. About 750 truck drivers are killed in work-related accidents every year, many of which are accidents involving other vehicles on the road. Approximately 65,000 other truck drivers suffer non-fatal injuries as a result of traffic collisions, slip and falls, or loading heavy cargo. Based on these numbers, trucking is one of the most dangerous industries in the country.

Construction Workers

Many different people work on construction sites, including supervisors, contractors, laborers, equipment operators, and carpenters. Sadly, these workers are all at a high risk of sustaining fatal or non-fatal injuries. In fact, it is estimated that one in five worker deaths in the U.S. occur in the construction industry. The majority of these deaths were related to the “Fatal Four,” which includes falls, being struck by objects, electrocutions, and getting caught in or between equipment or other heavy objects.

Working in one of these professions is extremely risky, but it’s important to remember that fatal and non-fatal injuries can occur in any industry.

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