How Sexual Harassment Affects How Candidates Look For Jobs

Posted by: Chris

Sexual harassment can often lead to serious emotional, mental, and physical consequences for victims. The victims are not the only ones who are impacted by sexual harassment--employers are, too. In fact, a new study reveals that employers that allow sexual harassment to occur within the workplace may find it hard to fill open positions within the organization.

How Sexual Harassment Affects Recruitment

Jobvite recently conducted a study to determine how sexual harassment affects an employer’s recruitment efforts. The company surveyed job seekers to find out how what role--if any--sexual harassment plays in the search for a new job. About 63% of respondents said that they believe it is important to learn about a company’s sexual harassment policy prior to applying for an open position. In addition, nearly half of the participants said that hearing about sexual harassment within an organization would make them change their minds about applying for a position with the company.

These results prove that a company’s stance on sexual harassment could affect the quality of the candidates that apply for open positions within the organization. Top candidates may choose not to apply with a company that has failed to take a strong stance against sexual harassment or tolerated this inappropriate behavior in the past. If an employer cannot recruit top candidates, the company as a whole will suffer. Therefore, it’s important for employers to make it clear to job seekers that sexual harassment is not tolerated within the organization.

How Sexual Harassment Affects Employee Retention

Recruitment is not the only area that is affected by sexual harassment--this illegal behavior can also impact an employer’s efforts to retain their current employees. The survey results showed that 66% of job seekers would actively start looking for a new job if they witnessed sexual harassment while employed with a company. Furthermore, nearly half of the job seekers surveyed would be willing to leave the company without another job lined up after witnessing sexual harassment. This indicates that companies that fail to prevent sexual harassment will have a hard time retaining employees in addition to recruiting new ones.

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