I’m Getting Treatment For A WC Claim, How Long After Can I Seek Additional Benefits?

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Just like any large medical issue, there is always the fear that you may not be getting all of the treatment that you need. With a workers compensation claim, there can also be the worry that you may need additional treatments down the road. Here is another frequently asked question about workers comp and on the job injuries: My employer has admitted my claim and has provided me medical treatment. Is there a time period after experiencing my injury that must file a claim with the commission if I seek additional benefits such as medical treatment, retraining, continuing medical maintenance, an award for my permanment partial disability or a settlement?

Here is the answer to this question from our workers compensation attorney, Craig Armstrong:

An individual has one year following An injury to formally filed their workers compensation claim with the workers compensation commission. If the claim is not filed within the statutory time the claim would be barred an the individual would not be able to seek out and request any additional benefits such as medical treatment or a settlemnet. The filing requirement however can be stayed under certain circumstances. If the Insurance carrier is providing medical treatment or has been paying temporary disability the time to file The claim is extended from the date benefits were last paid on The claim. A good rule of thumb would be the claim should be filed no later than one year from the date of last paid for medical treatment. If an individual is seeking additional medical and/or a settlemnt it is highly recommended not to wait towards the expiration of the filing timeline, but to act timely and seek the assistance of an attorney when further benefits are being sought.

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