What If I Can’t Afford Medical Care While Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits?

Posted by: Chris

The Social Security Administration (SSA) needs to see proof that people who are applying for disability benefits are seeing a doctor on a regular basis. But, the people that apply for these benefits are unable to work as a result of their disability, which means they are living off of very little money. What should you do if you cannot afford medical care while applying for Social Security disability benefits? Here’s what you need to know:

Will the SSA Pay For Medical Care?

Applicants should not expect the SSA to cover the cost of their medical expenses. In fact, the SSA will only pay for medical care when they require an applicant to undergo a medical evaluation. Since the evaluation is needed to process your claim, the SSA does not expect you to pay for it.

State Resources

Each state has programs that help low-income individuals pay for their medical expenses. The state of Oklahoma offers eligible residents SoonerCare, which is a health coverage program administered by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. If you are a U.S. citizen that resides in Oklahoma, you may qualify for this program as long as you meet certain income requirements. The income requirements change every year. In 2018, a one-person household must have an annual modified adjusted gross income of $25,500 or less in order to qualify for this program.

If you meet these requirements, SoonerCare will cover the costs of doctor visits, hospitalizations, and prescription medications. This means you can continue to see a doctor after applying for disability benefits so you can provide the SSA with the documentation they need to approve your claim.

Health Clinics

There are many health clinics that specifically serve low-income individuals. The services may or may not be free, depending on your income. Even if the services are not free, they are more affordable than those offered at other practices. Do a quick online search to see if any of these clinics are located in your community.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you are applying for disability benefits, talk to you doctor about your situation. Doctors understand that money is tight while you wait for approval from the SSA. Because of this, many physicians will offer package deals or discounts to patients that are in the process of applying for benefits.

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