What is the Multiple Injury Trust Fund?

Posted by: Chris

The Multiple Injury Trust Fund is one part of the workers’ compensation system. This fund is used to award benefits to workers with permanent disabilities that prevent them from working. However, workers must meet very specific requirements in order to qualify for benefits from this fund. Here’s what you should know about the Multiple Injury Trust Fund in Oklahoma:

Physically Impaired Persons and the Multiple Injury Trust Fund

To qualify for benefits from the trust fund, the worker must meet the legal definition of a “physically impaired person.” A physically impaired person is anyone who meets one or more of these conditions:

  • Has lost sight in one eye
  • Has a partially or totally amputated body part
  • Has obviously lost the partial or total use of a body part
  • Has a disability related to a prior on-the-job injury or illness

It’s important to note that the first three conditions do not need to be related to an on-the-job injury. For example, if someone was born without the use of a body part, he can still meet the definition of a physically impaired person and qualify for benefits. However, the fourth condition applies only to disabilities adjudged by the Workers’ Compensation Court or Workers’ Compensation Commission.

When Do Physically Impaired Persons Qualify For Multiple Injury Trust Fund Benefits?

Being a physically impaired person is not enough to qualify for multiple injury trust fund benefits. To qualify, a physically impaired person must also:

  • Have suffered a subsequent on-the-job injury and received benefits through the workers’ compensation system, and
  • Be permanently totally disabled as a result of their prior condition and the subsequent injury.

For example, let’s say a worker suffers an on-the-job back injury and is awarded disability benefits through the workers’ compensation system. Several years later, he suffers another back injury while at work. The combined effects of his prior and current back injury result in a permanent total disability, which means he is completely unable to work because of his multiple injuries. If he had not suffered the prior back injury years ago, this injury would not have been so disabling. But, he is permanently disabled as a result of suffering multiple injuries, which means he qualifies for benefits from the Multiple Injury Trust Fund. 

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