Questions to Expect During A Hearing With An Administrative Law Judge

Posted by: Chris

The vast majority of applications for Social Security disability benefits are initially denied. This leaves many disabled individuals with no other choice but to appeal the Social Security Administration’s decision. During the appeals process, you will be required to testify at a hearing with an administrative law judge. But, this can be a nerve-wracking process if you aren’t sure what to expect. To prepare yourself, take a look at some of the questions you may be asked:

Where were you employed when you became disabled?

The judge will be interested in learning where you were working when you became disabled, and why you left this position. If you quit because of your disability, explain what specific job duties you could no longer perform.

Have you tried to work since becoming disabled?

The judge will want to know if you’ve made an effort to work since becoming disabled. If you have not attempted to work, the judge will want to know the reason why. If you have made an effort, this is your chance to explain to the judge how your disability interfered with your work.

How does your disability limit you in your daily life?

Describe how your disability has changed your life. Unlike the last question, the answer to this question does not need to be focused on how your disability has affected your career. You can also describe how your disability has made it impossible for you to live independently or perform normal activities. Don’t forget to discuss how your disability limits you both physically and mentally when answering this question.

What is your educational background?

A disability may affect your ability to work in one field, but it may not interfere with your ability to work in another. To determine if there are other employment options for you, the judge will need to learn about your educational background. Be prepared to discuss your formal education as well as any other training programs you’ve completed. This will make it easier for the judge to understand your qualifications.

Be sure to answer every question honestly. Many people leave out important information when answering these questions because they are embarrassed of their disabilities. But, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. These judges hear countless disability cases every year, so you should feel comfortable providing them with the information they need to approve your claim.

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