Can A Doctor Bill You For Treating A Work-Related Injury?

Posted by: Chris

Treating an injury can be expensive. Injured workers often incur thousands of dollars in medical bills when treating their work-related injury. If you’re in this situation it’s important to understand that workers’ compensation benefits are supposed to cover any medical expenses related to your injury. But, can a doctor bill you for treating a work-related injury? Here’s what you should know:

Treatment For Work-Related Injuries

According to 85A OK Stat § 85A-18, healthcare providers are not allowed to bill injured workers for the treatment of their work-related injuries. Furthermore, healthcare providers are not allowed to report an injured worker’s outstanding bill to a credit agency.

However, this law only applies when the injured worker has filed a workers’ compensation claim and sent notice of the claim in writing to the healthcare provider. If the injured worker has not notified the healthcare provider, there’s no way for them to know that the patient is not responsible for paying the bills.

How to Notify Healthcare Providers

Injured workers should notify their healthcare providers of their workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible to avoid issues with billing later on. The written notice should include the employer’s name, the name of the employer’s insurance company, the name of the injured worker, a brief description of the injuries, and the workers’ compensation claim number. It’s best to mail this written notice to your healthcare provider by certified mail. Be sure to include all of this information so the billing department knows exactly what to do with your medical bills.

Bills For Noncompensable Injuries

There’s no guarantee that an employee’s workers’ compensation application will be approved. In fact, a workers’ compensation claim can be denied for many reasons. For example, it may be determined that the injury actually took place outside of work, and therefore is not covered by workers’ compensation.

It’s possible that an employee will be treated for an injury before finding out that his workers’ compensation claim was denied. If a patient’s workers’ compensation claim is denied, the healthcare provider should not expect to be paid through the workers’ compensation system. Instead, the healthcare provider has the right to bill the patient for treatment.

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