How Doctors Can Help People Applying For Disability Benefits

Posted by: Chris

Many people are in desperate need of Social Security disability benefits because their medical condition has made it impossible for them to work. But sadly, it’s estimated that about 64% of all initial applications are denied. If you want to be approved, it’s important to work with your doctor to submit evidence that proves you are legitimately disabled so the Social Security Administration (SSA) does not question your condition.

What Must Be Submitted to the SSA

The SSA will need to review all of your medical records so they can determine if your condition qualifies as a disability. But, sometimes the medical records do not tell the whole story. For this reason, applicants should also ask their doctors to submit a written statement to the SSA that describes how the disability has affected your daily life. This statement should clearly explain the severity of the condition and how it limits your ability to work. For example, if a medical condition prevents you from being able to sit or stand for an extended period of time, this needs to be included in the statement.

How to Get Your Doctor to Submit a Statement

Writing one of these statements can be time-consuming, so a doctor may not be thrilled when a patient makes this request. To make it easier, schedule an appointment with the doctor. Prepare for the appointment by writing down a list of ways that your disability has affected your daily life.

During the appointment, ask your doctor if he would be willing to submit a statement for you. Then, show him the list of limitations and review each of them together. Explain why each limitation is included on the list and cross any out that he does not agree with. After you have discussed each limitation, let him hold onto a copy of the list so he can use it when writing his statement.

This may seem unnecessary, but it’s not. Doctors deal with hundreds of patients, so it’s impossible for them to remember everything that they discussed with you in the past. The best way to ensure they submit an impactful statement is to refresh their memory by creating a list of limitations for them. But remember, a limitation will not be included in the statement if the doctor does not agree with it, so do not exaggerate when preparing this list.

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