Tips For Filing A Workers’ Compensation Report After an Injury

Posted by: Chris

The workers’ compensation system was established to provide benefits to workers who are injured while performing their job duties. But, a worker will not be awarded these benefits if he never tells his employer about his injuries. If you’ve suffered on-the-job injuries, follow these tips for filing a workers’ compensation report with your employer:

Submit A Report As Soon As Possible

Workers must notify their employer of work-related injuries within 30 days or they can lose the right to workers’ compensation benefits. But, it’s best to report the injury as soon as possible instead of waiting until time is almost up. Reporting the injury is the first step in the process of applying for workers’ compensation benefits, so the sooner this step is completed, the sooner you may be awarded benefits.

Be Honest

The importance of being honest when applying for workers’ compensation benefits cannot be understated. Do not exaggerate the extent of your injuries when filing a report with your employer. You will eventually need to submit medical documentation to support these statements, which means it will be obvious if you were lying about your injuries.

It’s also important to tell the truth when describing how you sustained the injury. Many workers lie about how an accident happened because they think they will not be compensated if they were partly to blame for it. But in most cases, employees can still be compensated if they were at fault for the accident, so there’s no reason to lie. Plus, lying about a work-related injury could lead to serious criminal consequences, so it’s best to be honest.

Keep A Copy of the Form

Give one copy of the form to your employer and keep the other copy for yourself. After this report has been submitted, your employer should notify the insurance company and the Workers’ Compensation Commission within 10 days. But, many employers fail to do so, which means the injured worker’s claim is never reviewed or approved by the insurance company. For this reason, it’s wise to keep a copy of the report that you filed so you can prove that the employer was notified of your injury, but failed to take action.

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