Why Do You Need to Submit Work & Education Information When Applying for Disability Benefits?

Posted by: Chris

The Social Security Administration (SSA) requires people who are applying for disability benefits to submit a great deal of information related to their condition. It’s understandable that the SSA needs to see documentation of an applicant’s disability. But, many applicants are surprised to see they also have to provide information on their educational background and work history. Why does the SSA need this information? Here’s what you should know:

Why the SSA Needs Work History

The SSA will only award disability benefits to applicants who are no longer able to work because of their mental or physical condition. But, the SSA cannot determine if an applicant is able to work without knowing what kind of work the applicant has done in the past. Therefore, the SSA will need to see the applicant’s work history as well as a description of the work that was performed. Applicants should include information on:

  • Job duties
  • Number of hours worked per day and week
  • Tools or machines used
  • Skills needed to perform their job duties
  • How often the job required them to sit, stand, crawl, crouch, or climb
  • Environmental conditions in their workplace

You should also explain when and how your disability began to affect your ability to work to make it easier for the SSA to understand your limitations.

The SSA will review this information, along with information that you provided about your medical condition, to determine whether or not your disability affects your ability to work.

Why the SSA Needs Educational Background Information 

In many cases, the SSA will find that an applicant’s disability makes it impossible for them to perform the work they did before. When this happens, the SSA will then figure out if the applicant can do any other type of work with their disability. The SSA will not look at all types of work—they will only look at work that the applicant is qualified to do. To determine an applicant’s qualifications, the SSA needs to know about their educational background, including their degrees, diplomas, vocational training, and special job training.

Using this information, along with an applicant’s work history, the SSA can determine if the applicant is qualified and physically able to do any other type of work. If the applicant cannot do any type of work that he is qualified to do because of his disability, the SSA will approve the applicant’s request for benefits.

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