What Duties Does Your Employer Have Right after You're Hurt at Work?

Posted by: Chris

There are more than 1.6 million civilian workers in Oklahoma. With that number, the probability is high that some might get injured at work from time to time, despite best efforts to prevent such events. Many injuries are relatively minor and can be treated immediately, but they result in costs for both the employer and the employee.

Not many people know that employers are bound by law to pay for the treatment of injuries that their employees sustain on the job. The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission has laid down clear rules for such cases. Here are some details.

Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission rules for workplace injuries

  • If a worker sustains an injury at a work site, the employer should promptly arrange medical attention for the worker.
  • The employer can select the physician to treat the worker's injuries but this treatment should be provided within five days of being informed about the injury.
  • If the employer fails to provide the worker with the necessary medical treatment within this period, the worker has the right to seek treatment on his own from a doctor of his choosing.
  • If the employee requires emergency treatment and the employer does not provide it, the worker can seek it on his own and select his own physician for treatment.
  • The employer is required report the injury to the Workers’ Compensation Commission using CC-Form-2.
  • The employer can deny a claim but to do so, the employer must file CC-Form-2A within 15 days of being informed of the injury.
  • In case an investigation is necessary to determine whether an injury in fact occurred, the employer will file a CC-Form-2A extension within 15 days.

Occupational injuries often go unreported. There are two major reasons for this. Either the worker is not aware of his or her rights, or the employer wants to avoid responsibility. It is important to recognize that the Workers’ Compensation System exists to protect both employees and employers, and is essential to the health of the state’s economy.

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